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Is it actually possible to get crowns on the same day instead of waiting 2 weeks?
Thanks to our CEREC 3 machine, we are able to produce porcelain crowns on the very same day. The benefit of porcelain crowns is they offer a more aesthetic look that patients really like. Because they are made of porcelain only, this reduces any chance of sensitivity the patient may have to any metals. Not only does it eliminate the two-week wait, the CEREC 3 ensures that the fit will be up to 99% accurate.
How can I get my child excited about brushing their teeth?
Electric toothbrushes usually do the trick because kids tend to like the vibrating feeling or the sounds they make. There are also some tooth brushes that light up. When they start and switch off when they have finished brushing. The oldest trick in the book is to lead by example. Brush your teeth at the same time you want your child to brush theirs. That way, it will be something they look forward to doing with you.
My child panics at the dentist. What can I do? There are a few things you can do. First, do not build it up. If you constantly remind them about their upcoming appointment, they will get nervous easily. If you don’t make a big deal out of it, chances are they won’t either. Never mention the word ‘hurt,’ because they will automatically associate pain with going to the dentist. Finally, try to pick a time of day when your child is in their happiest mood, that way they are more likely to have a food experience, every time.
Fashion or necessity?
How to tell if your child needs braces or any other orthodontic reatment,
Many parents are unsure as to when to consult their dentist about their child requiring orthodontic treatment. Typically a professional can begin to assess your child’s situation at the age of seven. Your dentist will make a decision based on three main factors; aesthetics, function and growth. There are some warning signs a parent can look for that may
suggest the need for future orthodontic care. Overcrowding or gaps in between teeth are the most noticeable indications. A dentist will conduct a more thorough assessment for other concerns such as misalignment of teeth and the type of occlusion or bite the patient has. A professional opinion is absolutely necessary in determining the importance of acquiring braces. Even though the saying is, ‘a parent knows best,’ in this case it may not be true. Dentists perform x-rays and oral examinations on patients in order to formúlate their expert opinion. Once these problems are known, an action plan can be determined. The reason early detection is crucial is because the earlier these indications are caught, the more effective cost-effective preventative methods will be. Your options may include a space maintainer, cross-bite appliance, dental headgear, early extraction or even guided eruption. Orthodontic treatment has many advantages other than providing beautiful, straight teeth. It also improves oral health and allows the mouth to function optimally.

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