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Family Dentistry – Comprehensive Services With My Dentist On Steeles

At our practice, we emphasize prevention. Regular checkups and excellent daily oral hygiene are the best defense against serious problems with your teeth and gums.
Education is a vital part of preventive care. During your regular visits, we will discuss best practices and answer any questions you might have, all with the goal of helping you maintain excellent oral
health for life.
While you may not realize it, your six-month checkup is important to both your dental and overall health. Many serious diseases are linked to poor dental health, including respiratory illnesses. Early
detection and treatment of problems like tooth decay and gum disease enables us to prevent small problems from becoming more severe.

If problems do arise, you can be assured that we will treat them effectively and e_ciently. Our family and general dentistry services also include:

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions are among the most feared of dental procedures. At our clinic we focus on quick and painless removal of these cumbersome third molars. Using various relaxation techniques, we will put you at ease throughout the entire procedure. We have expertise in the full range of cases, from simple non-surgical removal to more complicated procedures.

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

Modern root canal therapy bears no resemblance to the procedures of old. With our state of the art
equipment and commitment to modern therapies, we offer painless and successful root canal treatments to preserve teeth that would have been lost in times past. We are equipped to handle all types of endodontic procedures, from the most straightforward to the most complex.

Talk to Us About Family and General Dentistry
Your oral health is important to us. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or oncerns about your own dental health or that of a family member. To schedule your next appointment, call our Vaughan o_ce today.

Put On Your Best Smile

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but a beautiful smile can be life’s greatest door opener. Please feel free to call our office if you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth or smile, any of our staff members will be happy to answer your every question.

Our clinical laboratory testing is held to very high state and federal regulatory standards. We are constantly adding new services with extra features to provide the best services at the best prices.


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